Introducing the Overledger Network

The Network of networks for a hyper-connected world

The Overledger Network powers universal decentralisation as the market infrastructure for digital assets.

Join the network of inter-connected blockchain networks to transact Value. Register to be part of the network

Overledger Gateways

Gateway Layers and Services

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Use Cases

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Digital Asset Use Cases

Interoperable Banking tokens.

Issue and transfer tokenised and Digital Assets across any supported blockchain

QNT: Universal Utility Token

Powers the access and movement of digital assets in the new digital ecosystem.


QNT is used to sign and verify transactions across chains to enhance privacy and security.

Cross-chain Digital Asset Swaps enabled by Treaty Contracts – smart contract Interoperability

Download the Overledger Network Treasury Design

Download the Overledger Network Paper

Overledger Network Roadmap

Supported Blockchains
Registered Organisations
The Difference

Global decentralised network of blockchain networks

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